Forensic pathology:

  • Average number of autopsies per-year (both clinical and judicial cases) in the period of 2000-2004 was between 1200 and 1350. Macroscopic findings are always followed by histopathologic examination, and, if necessary, by complete toxicology analysis.

Toxicology laboratory:

  • Routine ethanol analysis in blood and urine (both living and deceased persons)
  • Drugs and drugs of abuse analysis (opiates, cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy, etc.)
  • Biological samples analysis of (blood, urine, tissue samples) taken from cadavers, in cases of suspicious poisoning of unknown origin
  • Therapeutic drug level tests

DNA laboratory:

  • Already conducted and published population study of Vojvodina Province (Autosomal and Y chromosome STR`s)
  • Paternity testing
  • DNA profile from a crime scene samples
  • GEDNAP certified laboratory

Jurisprudential work:

  • Cooperation with courts of law located in Vojvodina Province, and if necessary, with courts in other parts of Serbia.

Clinical Forensic Medicine:

  • Examination of living persons when requested by police or by courts of law, identification, classification and qualification of injuries.

Forensic Anthropology

  • Deals with the examination and identification of skeletal remains (origin and sex characteristics). Computerized or by-hand superimposition (full head reconstruction) when identification is needed.


  • Undergraduate one-semester courses for dentistry and medical students, Department of Forensic Medicine, Faculty of Medicine Novi Sad
  • Undergraduate one-semester courses for law students, Department of Legal Medicine, Law Faculty, Novi Sad
  • Postgraduate, master-degree and specialization courses for medical doctors


Financed research projects:

  • Finished projects:
    • Problems and Various Aspects of Transplantation in Vojvodina Province
      Project authors: M. Tasic, P. Petrovic, S. Zivojinovic
    • Reactive, adaptive and degenerative morphodynamic changes in stress, morbose and violent processes
      Project author: M.Tasic
  • Current projects:
    • Structure of microsatellite markers genetic variability in population of Serbia and Monetnegro
      Project author: O. Stojkovic
      Financed by Ministry of Science and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Serbia
    • Microsatellite markers and mitochondrial DNA genetic variability in population of Vojvodina Province
      Project Bearer: Institute of Forensic Medicine, Novi Sad
      Financed by Provincial Secretariat of Health and Social Policy, Vojvodina Province
    • Anatomical and clinical correlations as an indicator of health care quality in Clinical Centre Novi Sad
      Financed by Ministry of Health of The Republic of Serbia